Ann Arbor Snob

Welcome to my bolg about Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. I was born here in Ann Arbor and have lived here most of my life. I am proud to be an Ann Arboite and enjoy many things about our city. I love Michigan and get out to enjoy its beautiful countryside as well as what other towns around the state have to offer.

I am also a true Ann Arbor Snob. There is no other place I would rather call home than Ann Arbor Michigan. I live here, work here, and play here. I have many friends- some may not be native Ann Arborites but they are on their way to becoming an A2Snobs. I have nothing against the surrounding communities- I just do not have reason to venture outside of Ann Arbor daily but do a few times a week for work or play.

Ann Arbor has many fun events, wonderful venues, and is an interesting place to live. We have people from around the world decide to live here because of what Ann Arbor has to offer.

If you are an Ann Arbor Snob, or the opposite and think we are a bunch of jerks- this website will be entertaining for you if you have a sense of humor. I will write about what is going on in Ann Arbor, the communities around here, and things I find interesting to write about. Come back often and get your fill of what it is like to be an Ann Arbor Snob!

David Dye- author